Zach Jones

Designer, Illustrator, Typographer.

My nickname  Jachzones was actually given to me by a highschool buddy when we were skateboarding and it stuck with me, I would have never guessed years later It would become such a popular name that even strangers will refer to me as it. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade right? 
Additional information about myself
  • I have been drawing and Illustrating since 1998
  • Proficient on Adobe Creative Cloud products
  • Art Institute of Portland Alumni
  • Graduated Westview Highschool with a completed Art Career Pathway Program
  • I Weartest shoes for Nike SB in my freetime at the private indoor skatepark
  • I also shoot photography and videography with my Nikon D90, D3400, and GoPro
  • Most would consider me to be extremely friendly and personable. I am always stoked to meet new people and I would love to work on a design for you or your company.
Remember your Roots and you will never be lost.